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Life and Afterlife 

ASTRALIS presents Life and Afterlife as its first project. It is comprised of works that share the common theme of love, life and life after death. The musical content of Life and Afterlife centers around “Poèmes pour Mi,” a thirty-minute song cycle by the influential French composer Olivier Messiaen. A new commission by ASTRALIS: “Siren Meditation” by Rick Snow,  Kari Besharse’s “Four Songs, and “Five McCallum Songs” by Nicholas Deyoe complete the program.

With the intent of providing the audience with a heightened sensory experience, ASTRALIS commissioned artist Peter Leonard to create a visual component for “Life and Afterlife.” Throughout the concert the video projection is an equal element of the performance, at times complimenting the music and other times taking on a life of its own.


Monday, March 31st, 2014 at 6:00PM

Tulane University Newcomb Department of Music

Dixon Recital Hall



Oliver Messiaen: Poèmes pour Mi (1936)

Kari Besharse: Four Songs (2000)

Nicholas Deyoe: 5 McCallum Songs (2011)

Rick Snow: Siren Meditation* (2014)

for soprano, piano and live interactive computer sound


The concert will be accompanied by live video 

projection created by Peter Leonard


*commissioned by ASTRALIS



Watch videos of our concert:




Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at 6:00PM

Southeastern Louisiana University

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Pottle Auditorium



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